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Frequently Asked Questions

Informing Customers About Our Process
Why should I select Frank’s Custom Remodeling over another contractor?

Today clients have lots of choices when looking for contractors for residential or commercial projects, but they know there are consequences if they choose the wrong contractor.  Frank’s Custom Remodeling offers a full Professional Remodeling Service. You hire our team because Frank personally over sees all the work completed by his staff, any sub-contractors and any suppliers.

He makes sure your work is completed in a professional timely manner, maintaining high quality standards.  We protect all access points on the floors and cover furniture that we can’t remove to protect from dust. We broom clean at the end of every day and we do a very thorough cleaning at the end of every project.

Many clients choose us even though we aren’t always the lowest bid estimate. They like knowing the job will be done right and they feel comfortable because we have quality verifiable references and one of the top contractor ratings on HomeAdvisor.com.    

What kind or type of work do you do?

Frank’s Custom Remodeling Ltd. offers top notch professional remodeling for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, man caves, and even home theaters.  If you have a question whether we can handle your project, just call us to discuss the details.  If it’s not something we handle, we will try and refer you to someone that can do the job.

What is NARI?

NARI stands for the National Association for the Remodeling Industry. To join you need to be reviewed and pass a background check and promise to abide by their code of ethics. I quickly agreed because that is how we have always done business.

What is a “Chuck in a truck” or a “Stan in a van”?

There are many folks putting out “a shingle” as a handyman.  Very often these folks are not professionals or licensed full time contractors. Frequently they do not have formal training and only do this work as a hobby.  Homeowners need to be cautious when dealing with these folks.  Their price might sound great, but later problems or correcting issues can be devastating and expensive.

I tell all my clients that we are not the cheapest. We charge fair prices. As my business says “Craftmanship at Affordable Prices.”  We are not the most expensive choice either. We are a small local business and while we have lower overhead than the big companies but because we operate at higher standards in the industry, we do have a bit more overhead than a “Chuck in a Truck.”  We invite you to call us for a quote on your next project.  (440) 759-0985.

Is this your hobby or a side job?

I’m Frank Pajcic III and I’m a formally trained carpenter who served a 4 year apprenticeship. This is my full time job.  This is what I do for a living and how I support my family. I have been self- employed for more than 35 years. I have been working in the trade for more than 40 years.  


Do you do Handyman work? What do you charge?

Yes, our company does handyman jobs. I charge $150.00, and this includes the service call and the first hour of labor to complete your work. If the work takes longer than 1 hour, the charge is $50 per hour and as always if we use any materials; this would incur an additional cost that is added to the final invoice.

It says C.R.P.M. on your Experience page. What does that mean?

This stands for Certified Remodeling Project Manager. This is an earned after additional education provided by N.A.R.I. (National Association of The Remodeling Industry) and a certification test verifying your knowledge. I am 1 of less than 200 people in the United State that have this certification.

Are you listed with the Better Business Bureau?

Yes we are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau with a +A rating

Your website features kitchen cabinets. What type of cabinets do you offer?

Franks Custom Remodeling offers 32 different styles of cabinets- different colors and different looks. Some of the cabinets will be assembled on site by my staff. These “RTA” cabinets are delivered to the project site and assembled as needed. This saves you money- less money for shipping. We also have several lines that are delivered to site fully assembled. The quality is very good. The cabinet boxes are all ½” plywood- not particle board as the cheaper cabinets at the big box stores- at a lesser price.

All of the drawers are solid wood sides with dove tail joinery with full extension draw guides that are rated for 120 LB per drawer. The adjustable shelves are made of 3/4” plywood. All the drawers and doors are all soft close.  Franks invites you to call for more information for ways to install new affordable kitchen cabinets.  Call (440) 759-0985.

How long does it take to get a contract for a complete kitchen remodel?

To do it properly, it usually will take four (4) meetings over several weeks. This allows time for multiple design reviews and changes along with tweaks for mechanical aspects, and to allow subcontractors to review plans and submit their bids.

Do I need to get a Building permit for my Project?

The quick answer is “maybe.“ Each project is unique and may or may not require a permit. Any structural work, major plumbing, major electrical or some HVAC usually will require a permit. Understand that only a contractor who is registered with your city can pull a permit on your behalf. If the “contractor” asks you to pull the permit, he is probably NOT a licensed or registered contractor- that is a red flag telling you that it’s time to find someone else.

Do you do commercial work?

Yes we work on many commercial projects.  We have worked in many dentist offices, retail locations, and others.  We invite you to call us for a quote on your commercial project.


Do you offer any discounts to Veterans?

Yes we do offer discounts on projects for Veterans, and as an added bonus at NO additional charge will install a 3 x 5 foot American Flag on your property.  This is a high quality, American Made flag.  We sincerely appreciate all those who have served in the armed forces.

Do you belong to any local business organizations?

We are a community focused company and as such participate in various regional events.  Additionally, we participate in Business Networking Groups to further our outreach to consumers looking for quality tradesmen and contractors.